Adam Through The Years

A glimpse into the life of a man who conquered the world.

About The Book

Born in 1929 in an isolated German village in eastern Hungary, Adam had yearned for more for as long as he could remember. More excitement, more freedom, more knowledge, and often more food. From the prison cell he found himself locked in at eight years old, to the court of a nobleman in western Hungary where he posed as an orphan and worked as a stable hand at twelve, to a foxhole on the Eastern Front at fifteen, Adam’s hunger for a different life led him through adventures filled with excitement, danger, and tears. Landed in a makeshift hospital by a bullet to his leg, Adam was catapulted into a series of captures and narrow escapes from enemy forces as Europe reeled from the final destruction and horror of WWII. Never standing still, Adam journeyed through war-torn landscapes to the frozen forests of northern Canada to the high Andes of Peru, always reaching for the next conquest.”

All profits will be directed to the Adam Baumann & Roxi Harms scholarship fund, benefiting kids with promise, who can't afford tuition.


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