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If you’re interested, here is a copy of the original prologue. It’s long for a prologue and ultimately, it had to be cut. But I didn’t know that when I first wrote it, and researching and writing it were critical for me in order to understand Adam’s family of origin…

Ready. Set. Book Launch Party!

Everything is on track. Wow, there are a lot of steps to producing and launching a book! Who knew? It’s been a great learning experience, and so far, everything is on track. As far as I can tell, that is. You never know what you don’t know…

Book launch plans

Well, cover design is due to be complete on Monday, and interior layout is in progress. With luck, The Upside of Hunger will be available on Amazon by the end of the month. Eeeeek! Makes me feel a bit queezy to think of people reading my work. But I guess that is kind of the point, isn’t it? I’ll just breathe deeply and try not to be too nervous…

About The Author


Roxi Harms is a first-born, bossy, type A, recovering businesswoman. After a fast-paced career at a multi-national software company and then operating a highly successful consulting firm she co-founded, she surrendered to the pull of the written word, succumbing to a life-long affliction whose first symptom was begging her grade one teacher for more reading and writing homework.

At eight, she inquired earnestly of her mom what jobs she could get when she grew up, that would pay her to read all day. Born into a remote Mennonite community in northern British Columbia, Canada, she spent her childhood surrounded by hardworking farmers and loggers, then completed high school in a slightly bigger nearby community of some 2,000 residents before curiosity about the world beyond the horizon, and hunger for bigger challenges drew her away. But the grounding of that simple childhood has never faded, and the increasing complexity of the world continually strengthens her appreciation of those early years.

Roxi loves nothing more than the joy of discovery, whether it be exploring distant shores or losing herself in a story well told, curled up with a book in the creaky old swinging chair on the porch of her cabin on Okanagan Lake, in British Columbia, Canada. Find out about Roxi’s storytelling at

All profits will be directed to the Adam Baumann & Roxi Harms scholarship fund, benefiting kids with promise, who can't afford tuition.


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