December 1933 – Adam’s First Christmas

Adam could smell onions on his mom’s hands as she leaned down and fastened the top button of his coat under his chin. The dirt floor and thick mud walls of the little kitchen held the chill of the winter air.

Excerpt: Transport Three

The boxcar smelled of manure and fear. Forty people and just one small window on each side, eye level for Adam if he stood on his tiptoes. Most others wouldn’t be able to see out at all.

Outtakes: The Wagon Incident

This story didn’t make the final edit, but it’s one that stuck in my mind from the first time I heard Adam tell it. Maybe it kind of set the tone for the story in my subconscious. I think you’ll enjoy it whether you’ve read The Upside of Hunger yet or not. It takes place in early 1929, on a beautiful, warm day in late spring.


If you’re interested, here is a copy of the original prologue. It’s long for a prologue and ultimately, it had to be cut. But I didn’t know that when I first wrote it, and researching and writing it were critical for me in order to understand Adam’s family of origin. Read more >>>

Ready. Set. Book Launch Party!

Everything is on track. Wow, there are a lot of steps to producing and launching a book! Who knew? It’s been a great learning experience, and so far, everything is on track. As far as I can tell, that is. You never know what you don’t know. Read more >>>

Book launch plans

Well, cover design is due to be complete on Monday, and interior layout is in progress. With luck, The Upside of Hunger will be available on Amazon by the end of the month. Eeeeek! Makes me feel a bit queezy to think of people reading my work. But I guess that is kind of the point, isn’t it? I’ll just breathe deeply and try not to be too nervous. Read more >>>

Introducing my upcoming novel

Many times during our work together, Adam and I have discussed why we are doing this book. My primary motivation was a simple reverence for the life Adam has led. He was interested in having his story told for a variety of reasons. From the start we agreed that neither of us were in this to profit personally. Thus, all profits from The Upside of Hunger will be directed to “The Adam Baumann & Roxi Harms Scholarship Fund,” benefiting bright kids who want to continue their schooling and can’t afford to. Read more >>>

All profits will be directed to the Adam Baumann & Roxi Harms Scholarship Fund, benefiting kids with promise who can't afford tuition.


Audio Recordings

Audio Clip: Adam tells a story form 1953


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