Everything is on track.

Wow, there are a lot of steps to producing and launching a book! Who knew? It’s been a great learning experience, and so far, everything is on track. As far as I can tell, that is. You never know what you don’t know.

The Kelowna Launch Party is set for Thursday, July 19, 5pm-7pm at a gorgeous old heritage house owned by a lovely couple who live at the house and love to share it by hosting special events.

In Penticton, the Launch Party will be held on Wednesday, July 25, 5pm-7pm at another lovely heritage house that has a long and fascinating history, although not nearly as fascinating as that of Adam Baumann, the hero of The Upside of Hunger!

Come and have a glass of wine with Adam, and hear a reading of one of my favourite chapters. Books will be available for sale (cash only, same as beverages). Bring your friends, bring your neighbours, bring your MP!  Just kidding – don’t bring your MP. Unless he’s an avid reader.

Last time I promised you an unpublished excerpt from the book. I’ve attached a copy of the original prologue. It’s long for a prologue and ultimately, it had to be cut. But I didn’t know that when I first wrote it, and researching and writing it were critical for me in order to understand Adam’s family of origin. Some elements of it are woven into the early chapters of the story, but much of the detail was not needed on the page as it turned out. It was only needed in my mind, to help me build the characters and the stories found on the pages of The Upside of Hunger. You might find it boring, and that’s why it hit the cutting room floor, but then again, you might find the historical backstory interesting. In any case, here it is…

Download the original Prologue to The Upside of Hunger (pdf, 10 pages, 140 KB)

I’d love to hear any thoughts you care to share about the original prologue.

Warm Regards, Roxi

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