Well, cover design is due to be complete on Monday, and interior layout is in progress. With luck, The Upside of Hunger will be available on Amazon by the end of the month. Eeeeek! Makes me feel a bit queezy to think of people reading my work. But I guess that is kind of the point, isn’t it? I’ll just breathe deeply and try not to be too nervous.

In the meantime, I’ve been researching printing options and … venues for a launch party! I’m pumped to tell you that my book launch PARTY is scheduled for the evening of Thursday, July 19, in Kelowna. I will let you know the specific location and time as soon as I decide between the two spots I’ve narrowed it down to. I just didn’t want to wait any longer to give you the date, as I know how busy summer is for most people. The only thing that would throw a wrench into this date is if there is an issue with production, as the timeline is very tight to receive my book shipment by mid-July. And it wouldn’t be much of a book launch party without a book, would it? Also, please note that I will be planning a second launch party in Penticton, Adam’s hometown, a week or so after the Kelowna event. Date/location to be communicated soon.

I would be so honoured if you could come to my book launch, and I would be thrilled if you brought a friend or two along. Remember that book profits will be going to a scholarship fund to benefit kids who want to pursue college or university, but don’t have the means. So, the more the merrier, and beverages will be available. The bonus of attending the launch party is that you’ll get to meet Adam in the flesh! If you’re planning to come from out of town, that weekend (July 20-22) will be hopping in Kelowna, so you could maybe even make a mini-holiday of it! There’s a downtown block party and music in the parks and a bunch of fun events going on.

Other stuff still in the works includes my website and facebook page, which should both be done shortly after the cover is signed off, so not long now. I will send you links when they are ready. And in my next email, I’ll be sending you an unpublished excerpt from the book that I really loved writing, but in the end, removed from the production copy for reasons I’ll explain later.

Be well, Roxi

PS: Hello from Adam and me! Sorry for the blurry pic. Just did a quick snap while we were working on some last minute drawings for the book a couple of days ago.