I’m super excited to be writing to you about the upcoming release of my first novel. As the plan stands now, it will be available next month. The manuscript is complete, and cover design is in progress!

The Upside of Hunger is a true tale. I met Adam Baumann in 2011, while vacationing in Costa Rica. He and his wife were staying in the Villa next door, and soon we’d introduced ourselves and made plans to dine together. After hearing some of his stories over dinner that evening, I was hooked. From that night, the book was in my head, wanting to be put on paper. It took me a couple of years to get up the courage to start. Since then, Adam and I have collaborated through more than 400 recorded interviews, 2,000+ pages of transcribed notes, and seven drafts of a novel based on the events of his life. Now, it’s almost ready to release to the public! But first I wanted to let Adam’s family and friends, and mine, know about it. Here’s a quick preview. Hope you like it!

The Upside of Hunger — a true tale

Born in 1929 in an isolated village in eastern Hungary, Adam had always yearned for more. More excitement, more freedom, more knowledge of the world… and often more food. From a prison cell at nine years old, to the court of a nobleman at 12, and a foxhole on the Eastern Front at 15, Adam’s hunger for a bigger life led him into spine-tingling adventures, mind-numbing horror, heartbreaking tears, and terrifying brushes with death. Awakening in a makeshift hospital with a shattered left leg, Adam was catapulted into a series of captures and narrow escapes from enemy forces as Europe reeled from the final destruction and horror of WWII. Never standing still, he journeyed through war-torn landscapes to the frozen forests of northern Canada to the high Andes of Peru, searching for something more.

Many times during our work together, Adam and I have discussed why we are doing this book. My primary motivation was a simple reverence for the life Adam has led. He was interested in having his story told for a variety of reasons. From the start we agreed that neither of us were in this to profit personally. Thus, all profits from The Upside of Hunger will be directed to “The Adam Baumann & Roxi Harms Scholarship Fund,” benefiting bright kids who want to continue their schooling and can’t afford to.

Warm wishes, Roxi

PS: Oh yeah and also, my author website is nearly ready. It has a ton more info about the book and about Adam himself. I’ll keep you posted!