The Upside Of Hunger

Based on a true story, this is the epic tale of a young man’s survival as the world plunged into the darkest days of WW2.

Growing up in an isolated village in eastern Hungary between the great wars, Adam couldn’t remember a time he hadn’t yearned for more excitement, more freedom, and often more food. Locked up for theft at age nine, Adam’s life took one tumultuous turn after another as Hitler plunged Europe into war.

From a 12-year-old runaway searching for food, to a 15-year-old shivering in the mud of a frozen foxhole on the Eastern Front, Adam’s survival hung in the balance. When a Russian bullet found it’s mark, Adam was catapulted into a series of captures and narrow escapes from enemy forces while Europe reeled from the final destruction and horror of WW2.

Never standing still, Adam struggled through war-torn landscapes to find his family, and began to build a life from the ashes, until the results of a medical examination at an American Embassy in Germany changed the course of his future forever.

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All profits are directed to The Upside of Hunger Scholarship Fund, awarded annually to underprivileged Grade 12 students wishing to pursue a university education.

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“By turns loving and cruel, heated and chilling, adventurous and terrifying, Adam’s tale captures the imagination and fills the mind with stories that linger on long after the last page has been turned. An indelible read.”

Kathy Heffernan, Advance Readers Association, Canada

"A vivid retelling of the events of one man’s life, the sum of which amounts to an extraordinary tale. The writer has crafted the story with striking attention to detail. Fans of historical fiction, particularly regarding the WWII era, will especially appreciate this superb debut novel."

Kirsten Belitzky, Creator of Flashlights on the Beach: A Path to Happiness

"Adam Baumann is a 20th Century hero--a mixture of the ambition and independence of an Ayn Rand hero with the tender heart and family devotion of an ordinary man. Roxi Harms does a magnificent job of capturing the complexities of Baumann's character, both the extraordinary and the ordinary. With skill and detail, she brings to life the story of a man who triumphed over the limitations of history to become his greatest self."

Ginger Moran, author of The Algebra of Snow

"Based on real events crafted into a beautiful narrative, The Upside of Hunger reveals the story of Adam, his incredible life, and the fascinating history of his family... readers will become invested in the Baumann family and their story, unable to put it down until the very last page."

Melissa Koons, author of Orion's Honor

“The true story of Adam, written by Roxi Harms, was very well done. It grabs you right from the beginning and continues throughout the book. Adam’s life story is so amazing and what he was able to overcome and accomplish is incredible! Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Would definitely recommend it and will be purchasing for friends and family.”

Janice Filipiak, Kelowna, BC, Canada

“I was riveted. I’ve always been a bit of a history buff, and this book took me into uncharted territory. Once you get started, plan on missing some sleep.”

Mary Lee Dumont, Vernon, BC, Canada

"Harms takes history and puts a human face to it".

Roxas James, author of Unexpected and Reflections of Yellow Brick

“I loved how the author weaved this colourful life story into a compelling, enjoyable read that was a challenge to put down.”

Kevin White, Canada

“I don’t often read non-fiction, but I loved this book! It kept getting more interesting the further I read. I can’t imagine living in those days. What a hard life!”

Ruby Potts, Salmon Arm, BC, Canada

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